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Mr Green dreams of a happy life in a waste-free world. At least with their own recycling service subscription they try to make the world a bit better. On top you find a wonderful online shop with sustainable and recycled unique pieces.
Services: Performance Marketing
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At the heart of everything Mr.Green does is the circular mission, as an alternative to the short-sightedness of the linear economic model. The Swiss Company is guided by the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
The challenge
As we are targeting locally it has been a challenge to scale and lower the high frequency at the same time. By splitting audiences in different retargeting steps, and creating a meaningful customer journey in a more efficient way we were able to overcome those challenges and tripple the ad budget within less than a year and by keeping the same ROAS.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


We manage their Facebook and Google Ads. We splitted the funnel strategies per service ( recycling service / Online Shop). This way we were able to double the amount of subscription within the first months and reduced the costs per subscription by 35%.

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" The partnership with DGS can be described in three words - competent, insightful and confident. They are competent in what they do and deliver true expertise in every field and detail. As in a true collaboration, they listen to our needs, understand our goals and implement the actions accordingly. Thanks to DGS, we feel confident moving forward and taking further steps towards our ambitious goals."

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