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DROPZ is a swiss start-up that helps you drinking more water with their tasty sugar free water flavours.
Services: Performance Marketing & Ad Creatives
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Dropz is a young swiss start-up that started at the beginning of 2021. With their natural and sugar free flavoured dropz you can make the very best out of your tap water. It helps you to drink more water and use less PET Bottles. For every pack of dropz a plastic bottle will be taken from the ocean.
The challenge
We had no previous history or any data as the brand was just founded when we started, so we had to test a lot at the beginning to find the right audience and to feed the pixel as much as possibleas the brand was new we had to prove ourselves on the market, therefore we started pretty early creating user generated content and testimonial ads. Also we made it pretty clear that it is a swiss start up.

drop in, drink more, feel good!


We started working with dropz since the beginning. We are in charge of the whole performance marketing on several platforms such as google, facebook and snapchat. At the beginning we also managed the organic social media profiles. Therefore we organized content shootings and worked very close with the design team of dropz. By providing an omnichannel growth strategy we were able to hit all ambitious targets in the first year. Besides this, we provide data proven ad creative startegies and content.

Dropz Imges

"Maria and Chrystel have been in charge of the entire performance marketing as from the beginning. They also helped us to set up all the SOME accounts, profiles and the proper management of relative SOME tools. With the help of DGS, we could quickly generate a high brand awareness and a loyal customer base. We are extremely happy and thankful for the collaboration with them."
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