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NIKIN is a swiss sustainable Fashion brand that plants a tree for every product purchased🌲
Services: Performance Marketing & Ad Creatives
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NIKIN makes sustainable fashion affordable. They are young, in a good mood and close to nature. A real TreeTeam. For every product purchased a tree is planted. In December 2020, NIKIN broke the magic million barrier. That many trees would take up almost the entire city of Zurich!
The challenge
It has been a challenge to scale the business, while keeping the sustainable philosophy of the brand credible. In our first year, Nicholas and DGS started to turn Black Friday into Green Friday. Instead of giving a discount, NIKIN plants 2 trees instead of one. By using catchy GIF’s we turned that day into one of the most successful days in the year. Our funnel set ups always include both, product and educational content so that the audiences see that trees are really being planted and that the production is sustainable.

How to drive sustainable growth...
and plant a forest too!


We started working with NIKIN at a very early age in 2018. NIKIN was already running ads but they didn't have a proper structure or a logical funnel strategy. We started managing their facebook ads, after 6 months we added Google Ads and today we manage their whole social media marketing (Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest). We also took on some of their ad creation.

Since we started our partnership NIKIN has been able to scale from
a 5-figure business to an 8-figure business.

"DG-Studio is really great! After a short time we saw how well and professional they work! In addition, our ROAS has improved by 50% from one day to the next, thanks to this team! What I want to emphasize is their creative thinking, even when it comes to creatives. We had a good idea for Black Friday deals and they had the idea then to promote these deals with special GIFs. With their ads and "their" GIF creatives, we were able to record the most successful sales day we've ever had."

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